PL-AIDS Awarded Rhode Island Foundation Grant To Fund HIV Hotline

Posted on July 24, 2012


July 23, 2012

PL-AIDS Project, Inc. has received a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation’s LGBTQ-focused Equity Action Fund to partially fund the costs of an HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) hotline for LGBTQ individuals at-risk for acquiring HIV.

The grant will assist in paying for PEP drugs for uninsured patients as well as fund advertising of the hotline.

“This generous grant from Equity Action will help PL-AIDS to meet the immediate needs of Rhode Islanders who are exposed to HIV,” said Gavin Myers, President of PL-AIDS Project.

Established at the Foundation in 2002, Equity Action is committed to enacting social change by championing initiatives and organizations that encourage justice for, provide support to, and improve the quality of life of LGBTQ Rhode Islanders. The initiative has awarded 87 grants totaling more than $560,000 in the past nine years.

Daniel Kertzner, vice president for grant programs at the Foundation said that the hotline is “addressing critical needs of our state’s LGBTQ communities.”