Who We Are

Originally founded in late 2009 as the Brown Global HELP Initiative, PL-AIDS Project changed into a media-based HIV/AIDS prevention and services advocacy 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that seeks to reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence and incidence around the globe through film-based outreach to at-risk populations. We strongly believe in the power of biomedical HIV prevention initiatives and seek to refine ways to move this information into the public’s hands through novel media-based projects, including both advocacy and information-related projects.

PL-AIDS is a federally tax-exempt charitable 501(c)3 organization controlled by a 4-member Board of Directors.

Local HIV Prevention and Services Programs

Our organization aims to make an impact on the local Rhode Island and Southern New England community among the groups at highest risk for HIV.

The PL-AIDS Project (Partners in Learning about AIDS) targets the most at-risk populations, including LGBTQ populations, Asian and Latino immigrants, and non-English speaking populations within Rhode Island.

HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Education and Advocacy

Despite sustained efforts to slow the spread of HIV, HIV incidence has remained stable, and thousands each year continue to be infected through sexual exposure. Post exposure prophylaxis, antiretroviral drugs taken consistently for 28 days after potential exposure to HIV, has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV risk by 81% in one case-control study. This biomedical prevention intervention could be helpful in stemming the tide of HIV.

We are currently developing promotional education materials that we believe may be increase knowledge of post exposure in the local Providence community. These efforts may in turn increase uptake and ultimately lead to downstream reduction in HIV incidence rates.

Currently, we are also in the process of developing film and media-based projects surrounding HIV-related topics.

HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Medication Hotline

PL-AIDS is one of the only organizations in the United States that has a dedicated medication PEP hotline for individuals who believe they may have been exposed to HIV.

The medication hotline puts individuals who believe they may have been exposed to HIV through sexual or drug-related routes in touch with Dr. Philip Chan, MD, an infectious disease and HIV physician at Miriam Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island who will evaluate each patient’s risk and determine whether prescribing the anti-HIV medication will be necessary to prevent a possible HIV infection.

Our Partners

Isis Storm

Isis Storm is a collective of local female artists who focus on female empowerment. This collaborative partnership is allowing us to reach out to women and women of color, who are at highest risk for HIV infection, according to recent epidemiologic trends from the CDC. Please listen to Isis Storm’s HIV Awareness song, “Tombs of Winter” by 5th Elament, J9 and B-mor 7.

Leaders of Isis Storm include Reza C. Clifton, Kal Champlain, and Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter-Simes

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